Hair transplantation is performed in our clinic with both ciliary and percutaneous fue methods. Our aesthetic clinic following the latest technology in the world guarantees quality results for you. We apply modern hair transplantation techniques with techniques such as hair, eyebrow planting, mustache, beard.
Hair roots are taken under local anesthesia via low-revving micromotors from the area known as the “safe zone” of the ensemble. With special motors, 3 and 4 grafts are taken aiming to protect the integrity of the graft.

• In the widely used slit technique, two-dimensional ducts are opened by means of fine cutting special tools in the area where the roots will be added and the roots are placed inside them.
• In the Percutaneous technique, the roots are planted into three-dimensional circular channels opened by fine needles, not into two-dimensional slits used in the classical slit technique.
Our advantages in hair transplantation;
• Since the amount of fluid given under the skin is limited, the level of swelling (edema) seen on the face after application is lower.
• One of the most common problems in hair transplantation is that the hair does not look natural. With this method, the angles of your hair follicles are adjusted and inserted into their three-dimensional channels. At this point your hair will have a natural appearance. In addition, the roots do not move from place to place and the hairlines do not change. The roots are not damaged during placement of the hair roots because this process is done by holding them from the hair roots.
• Thanks to the opened 3 dimensional channels, frequent planting is done to provide natural appearance.

We talked about getting more accurate and natural angular results in the Percussion technique. At the same time, hair can be planted more frequently than with conventional hair transplantation. This sowing process, which is increased by two cata, results in a more dense and beautiful looking hair.
One seansta guarantees healthy and maximum hair transplantation. This system, which our customers prefer to meet with high quality results, is being implemented in select clinics around the world (mainly in the USA).
If you want to reach natural and beautiful looking hair without losing time, please contact our clinic as soon as possible. We promise you the results of successful hair transplantation with our expert staff in the field.

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