About Us

“WOW Hair Clinic” has managed to become the vanguard of nearly 10 years in the sector in Turkey is not only an organization serving on the plantation and medical aesthetics.
Turkey’s admission to hospital and one of the few organizations in the world from many points within the plantation is the center of our founder Ayse Yildirim. Legal awareness with doctors, health personnel and sees the vision of working with extremely sensitive about the hospital WoW Hair Clinic offers services in Antalya and Istanbul in Turkey. We are providing service with all the latest technological methods FUE and DHI methods to all our women and men, and continue to pursue our quality service concept successfully by following the developments of today with successful consultation, successful operation and happy patients.
The travel plans and packages that we offer to our patients vary within the services we provide, depending on the request of the person. For further information, please contact us.

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